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Uberhauses (pardon my lack of umlaut)

Three or four of my microprojects coalesce in one photo!

Click on this photo to see a bigger version and read the words on the sign:


Not only a grotesque or silly signboard (the list is rapidly growing), not only an insight into the rebuilding of the bits of London tourist guides don’t go to, but also an absurd new word. Result!

What on earth is an “Uberhaus”? And why? Well, I know what it is, its a largish flat with an upstairs garden, (which might be on the roof, or on a big balcony, or on the roof of a next-door building such as a car-park). But why? But why do the estate agents think that peopel willing to part with half a million or more squids in order to live on a reclaimed gasworks with a view of the A13 flyover will be attracted by fake German?

At least I got in first. Google has 8 hits for the word – six of them are estate agents, one is an article in the Daily Telegraph and first on the list is my photo linked above, which was only posted on Flicker last night.

Wandering around East Greenwich and Beyond

Been walking round East Greenwich as a side effect of attending church there for a few weeks as part of the Reader’s course. Taking lots of photos. This week they are mainly of the peninsula and up and down the Thames.

There are, I suspect, few Anglican churches in Inner London that have a grain elevator in the parish.

Can’t really think of anything relevant to say. Well, I did, but it had the word “palimpsest” in it as a metaphor, so its probably a bit pretentious! As before the pictures link back to bigger ones on Flickr. Not as pretty is the ones with smoke in from Tuesday though.

Pink Sofa Marsh-wiggles in Greenwich

Greenwich Peninsula Odeon Greenwich_Peninsula_4510
Greenwich_Peninsula_4512 East Greenwich abandoned machinery by warehouse
Greenwich_Peninsula_4535 Greenwich_Peninsula_4505
Greenwich_Peninsula_4515 Dome and ruins

Greenwich_Peninsula_4518 Greenwich_Peninsula_4562
A Slice of Life, Greenwich Peninsula Grain silo, Greenwich

East Greenwich Fire Station across wasteland Paper pulping machine in Greenwich
Greenwich_Peninsula_4553 Ecological Park, Greenwich Peninsula

Amylum Works, Greenwich

Sunset on the Greenwich Peninsula Sunset on the Greenwich Peninsula
Greenwich Peninsula 4573 Greenwich Peninsula
Greenwich_Peninsula_4602 Greenwich_Peninsula_4613
Amylum Works, Greenwich Greenwich_Peninsula_4615

I knew South-East London was tough, but I never knew it was this bad.

When I was a little Evangelical they told us we should walk along the King’s Highway every day. Well, I found it, its in Plumstead. So I walked along it. And they have some very strange things up there!

This must be the ultimate Charlton supporters weapon against Millwall.

Cars in Plumstead Water Dale, Plumstead, exit from Bostall Woods
plumstead_4335 The less sylvan end of Waterdale Road

The second picture is repeated from the previous post because I like it a lot and its just at the end of the street. In fact its more or less my favourite picture so far this year. And no-one looked at it on Flickr yet! The relevant words are in the yesterday’s blog entry.

All four of these photos were taken within about a hundred yards of each other.

And a few more I didn’t post before:

The Slade, Plumstead bostall_4318
Woolwich seen from Welling Woodlands farm
plumstead_4190 plumstead_4176