Nice weather for the time of year. Really.

Nice weather for the time of year. Really.

I got sunburned on Saturday and Sunday. In Shropshire. Supposedly the wettest weekend in modern British history,or something like that, so we went camping on the Welsh border. Maybe some photos later.

But meanwhile back in London its not been that wet. It rarely is. I cycled to work regularly for years and on average got seriously wet maybe twice a year. It really doesn’t rain that much here. Honest. That stuff all happens in the North West. Its not even that foggy since they got rid of coal fires. (Not foggy like Shoreham near Brighton is anyway, the Adur valley must be the fog capital of England)

So I have no idea what was going on at Lewisham Station yesterday. 🙂 These pictures were taken just after mid-day.

lewisham_station_4228 lewisham_station_F4227

Semi-seriously, it was good fun. The wind blew up, the temperature dropped, the rain got heavier and turned to hail, the trains got more and more delayed, and everybody crowded into a small space under the station canopy (at least there still is one, they’ve taken the rooves away in so many of them) Most of the people on the platform looked bored or resigned, as commuters usually do (Yes, even at 12 noon Lewisham station can be packed with commuters – This Is The Age Of The Train, at least in South-East London). A smaller number looked angry or even scared. But a few (we happy few, for I was among them) were grinning like children who’ve found the secret chocolate supply. A storm, a real storm, in summer, and we could be out in it and keep dry! What’s not to like?


As usual select the little pictures to see bigger ones. Some v ery much bigger ones. You can almost see the hailstones.

lewisham+station_4230 lewisham_station_4226

But then on my way back home after midnight it was dry and I could see the breath in front of my face. In July.

2 thoughts on “Nice weather for the time of year. Really.

  1. Not that wet in the North West really… certainly not today in Preston.. though we have had a lot of Penine and Yorkshire water flow past us recently. Got sunburned here too last Saturday..

    Now in the far Northwest.. we recently got back from Mull, Ardnamurchan and Skye.. they’ve got a drought.. and we only really had two wet days in a fortnight while we were in Scotland…

  2. The trouble with the weather in Britain is that we can only remember the last couple of days. So if we have rain, we think it never stops, and if we have sun, we imagine we’re on the Mediterranean. Apart from last Friday, when it rained incessantly just as it must have done for Noah, we’ve not had impossible amounts of it in Liverpool. Just disappointingly grey skies and chilliness. But even then interspersed with some sunshine, like today. From October to March, apart from a wintry week some time in February, it seemed to be endless blue skies and mild temperatures. But it ain’t summer as it used to be!

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