The Flowers of Advent Sunday

Its a funny sort of autumn this year. More like a damp summer. I suppose it goes with our funny sort of recession that seems to involve vast amounts of construction everywhere I go, and record corporate profits.

I didn’t take my camera to church this morning. Which is a pity, as it was a glorious sunny day, and after the service as I walked up towards New Cross through what this website tells us should be called Deptford New Town there were loads of things I wanted to take pictures of.

So you will just have to put up with what I could do with my phone. As usual the pictures link to larger versions on Flickr, and to others of similar things.

The first thing that caught my eye was a heavily amputated horse chestnut that had just come back into leaf, In the last week of November. It doesn’t show too well in the pictures but these leaves are soft pale green and brand new.


Ashmead Road

Also the Deptford Railway Meadow is looking good. Well, it is if you are a botanist with an aversion to neatly mowed lawns, like I am. And there are even a few flowers in bloom there – mostly the sort of yellow composites that you need a hand lens to identify so I can’t really say what they are from over the fence.

Deptford Meadow

Looking across Deptford Meadow to St John's Church

In fact the most striking thing after that was the number of flowers around. A beautiful day.

Flowers on Advent Sunday November flowerpots Flowers on Advent Sunday
Flowers on Advent Sunday Flowers on Advent Sunday Flowers on Advent Sunday
IMG_0287 IMG_0303 IMG_0304

A beautiful day.


And the best-named park in London!

Friendly Gardens

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  1. dang you just found my new favourite places too!

    Top of Friendly gardens you can see the Observatory at Greenwich and other stuff if you stand on tiptoes

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