More like Queen’s Park than Queens

So I’m in the pub and talking to V our resident Texan about accents. And this black bloke from Deptford that I don’t know says he is originally from Queens, New York. But his accent is totally local, so I say he sounds more like Queen’s Park than Queens, A lucky phrase – it turns out that he was in fact brought up in Brighton and lived near Queen’s Park. His parents moved there from America when he was a kid and he lived just off Southover Street for years. Supported the Albion, He’s a couple of years older than me so we were both in Brighton in the 60s, 70s and early 80s. We remember some of the same places and pubs. I probably put leaflets through their door in election campaigns.


But proud to be a Brightonian! (A word we both knew but the Londoners around us didn’t recognise – neither does this spell-checker)

2 thoughts on “More like Queen’s Park than Queens

  1. And I’m in a much more northerly Queen’s Park – though not for much longer!

    When we were in Chester we did a river trip and the commentary pointed out a really posh residential area called Queen’s Park. It didn’t look very much like my neck of the woods.

  2. But your Glasgow Queen’s park is named after Queen Mary. Our Brighton one was merely Queen Adelaide, who almost no-one has heard of. Though there is a small plaque with my Dad’s name on it on one of the buildings he helped organise the restoration of. Or was ten years ago last time I looked.

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