Sometimes pubs just work (4)

Saturday being the day of rest, I rested. And with nothing to do I rested till about 6pm. I’d hardly got out of bed. Then did restful web-browsing for a couple of hours and listened to Radio Three’s Debussy’s Pelleas et Melisande (sorry, it is a bit twee and dull – what did Maeterlinck think he was doing? The plot as depressing as anything in Wagner or Puccini but the music much less thrilling, al a bit precious and wasted) and had a nice hot bath. And because I hadn’t talked to anyone all day, went to the pub just before closing time.

Sometimes pubs just work. Did I say that already? Not many people in there and G the DJ doing failed Karaoke to about ten customers who weren’t interested. But D & N – father and son – had won 900 quid on the horses (so I got bought a pint!) and heard all about how the son (who I have sort of known since he was at primary school) had broken up with his girlfriend and is crashing on his dad’s floor. And there was a lost couple from Essex who weren’t sure of the way home. And two blokes from Edinburgh who looked about the same age to me but one was the other’s father-in-law. OK, Leith – but I was the only other one who knew the words to “Sunshine on Leith”. And the Essex couple turned out to have been married and divorced and got together again. And their 18-year-old daughter has gone off somewhere so they are taking the opportuinity to do a sort of pub crawl and have no idea how they will get home to the Outer Darkness Beyond Romford, They just walked into the pub for a quick one on the way home and are still here three hours later, And the barmaid showed us pictures of her little daughter on her phone and other people shared their photos and there were silly arguments about being Scottish or English and the DJ played some soppy music and people danced – I mean like ballroom dancing. P & A who have been married for years danced to “Brealing up is hard to so” and we all clapped and cheered and someone danced with Dave and the odd Jewish used car dealers danced and when it was mostly all over at about midnight another dozen neighbours turned up, a family party, and they danced and it was soppy. Weird, and soppy.

And I left at about 2am. Without my hat. I guess I need to go back tomorrow to see if someone found it. They are still there playing pool and I have no idea how the no longer divorced couple are going to get back to Essex at this time of night and I guess they don’t either.

Maybe Debussy and Maeterlinck would have done better if they had had a few more beers and games of pool.

Sometimes pubs just work.

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