Butterflies in October!

And I forgot to put the book I am reading in my bag when I rushed out ten or fifteen minutes late to get a train to Croydon. Would have been a disaster before the days of mobile phones. Even if its only a 20 minute journey. So maybe a running commentary.

Its hot. I guess about 26 or 27 because I can think straight – I start to lose my marbles when it goes pver around 28.

The trees are mostly still in green leaf. Especially sycamores which are the common trackside feral round here. Poplars too. Some of the ashes are looking a bit sparse and the few oaks seem quite bronzed. Ditto horse chestnuts. Not that I’m exactly doing a statistical survey. Look out of the window for a few seconds than back to tapping out on my phone.

Hey! Its only 1546 and I am at Norwood Junction!. Mayve I will make it to church on time!