Alien megastructures

London almost always looks best in the rain. And there is something about huge buildings that appeals to the inner 9-year-old. Especially when they look like a vast alien spaceship being built in the London rain. Its like something out of a Mark S Geston novel.

Rainy train in London

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There are paralel worlds in that photo – the inside of the train (which you can see if you look hard enough), the men working on the new railway, the old warehouse and commercial buildings, the piled-up houses and shops towards Borough High Street and the megastructures behind them. They don’t so much loom over the scene as stand behiund it as a kind of backdrop, a metal and concrete sky. They are in a different frame of reference.

This one I posted before – its almost dangerously

Shard from 21 bus


Sunny on the same day:


And again:


View from a distance when it was very small:


How it started:


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