Riots in Lewisham?

I know its unlikely that anyone will look to this blog for news about recent events, but if you do the Brockley Central blog at seems to have accurate and up to date rumours about the so-far not-quite riots

2 thoughts on “Riots in Lewisham?

  1. Shopkeepers have been boarding up their shops for several days in leafy Muswell Hill – I really don’t think they need to. And it gives the place a horribly recession-y look. Anyway, there are no branches of Dixons, Currys or Foot Locker in this area, so I don’t think the rioters will bother. Good place for getting horrendously expensive maxi dresses, but I suspect few looters will want those.

  2. We looked at loads of places online to try and find out what was going on while we were away. Including TVFNS…

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