Opies, you should be alive at this hour!

Some girls maybe five or six years old playing a skipping game behind a pub in Preston, Lancashire.

The chant goes:

“Oh no you’re not
Look where you are!
Oh no you’re [something I can’t catch]
Un, deux, trois!”

2 thoughts on “Opies, you should be alive at this hour!

  1. I have more research data.

    “I am a champion!
    Oh no you’re not!
    See for yourself!
    Under, over, Pepsi-cola
    Betty Boop!
    Hula Hoop!
    Un deux trois!”

    There seem to be many variations. They are introducing them to each other. “I’ve got a new one!”. They are no longer skipping but doing silly dances that end in handstands and jokes about knickers. “I am a dolphin!”. “oh no you’r not!” [etc]. “I am a python!”…

  2. I knew the handstand version,

    I am the champion,( does handstand)
    Oh no your not
    Not for the longest
    Under over
    Pepsi cola
    Turn around
    Touch the ground
    And go!( rest do handstand)

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