Found a wonderful bit of bad tourist prose (AKA a “mortboat”) at the website of the Slovak city of Presov

Presov is the third biggest town in Slovakia. The key crossroad of the business journeys in the past is today a calm centre of the northern – eastern Slovakia. It is by no accident that it was named also Athens Upon Torysa or Slovak Seattle. You can admire historical sights as well as make trips to its close surroundings – from the easiest walks to extreme experiences. There are plenty of good quality restaurants, cafes and pubs in the centre. You´ll get brilliant rest in Presov.

Discover the undiscovered town. It´s easy to be found, lieing straight on the 49th parallel. English Queen wears an opal from the world´s famous Presov opal mines on her crown. Signature on the 10 dollars note belongs to Michal Bosak, originaly from Presov. What´s more, one of the only 4 copies in the whole world of the Turin shroud is placed in the Presov Greek Catholic church.

Bring on those “extreme experiences”.

Why is this a “mortboat”? Because of the all-time classic invitation to Tolo in the Peloponessos (which is a truly lovely place for a holiday):

The first seaside village you meet on leaving Nafplio is Tolo, situated on a picturesque bay. Its seafood tavernas overlook the water. You take a bite and inhale the salt breeze. You listen to the put-put of the little mortboats chugging over to the islet of Romvi opposite.

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  1. Not guilty m’lud.
    This, I’m afraid, [she says, getting on her professional hobby horse] is a classic example of a non-native speaker being let loose on a text. I could go on.. but I’ve got a living to earn – translating into my mother tongue. [Weeps]

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