Overheard in a cafe

On Friday morning: “If I was that David Cameron I’d shoot myself. Iraq War, credit crunch, cuts, most unpopular PM for twenty years and the Tories STILL can’t win a bloody election”

(paraphrased due to cerebral caffeine deficit syndrome after staying up all night and drinking port at 5am)

4 thoughts on “Overheard in a cafe

  1. There are two ways the Tories can win an election.
    Dig a big moat one side of Hadrian’s Wall and float Scotland away.
    Do a Doctor Who/Ashes to Ashes sort of deal, go back in time and not make the decision to try the Poll Tax out on the Scots.
    Otherwise forget it, these people have long memories. This is a country whose national song commemorates a battle almost 700 years ago.

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